miércoles, noviembre 01, 2006

once upon a time

when they confirmed me i was coming to scotland, i was pretty excited because i knew i was meeting most of the people that i met in my trip to houston. i knew for sure i was gonna see payam, aqib, mike, bryan, katie and also meet new guys. and, above everything, i was excited to get to see another country. i had never imagined this before. my other options were the states (living in a southern state filled with rednecks and bush lovers, no thanks) and egypt. but i just couldn't imaginy myself living in egypt for 12 straight weeks.

besides, i was pretty confident with my english. those two weeks in the states where really good, and i knew i was the latin with the best level in english of that class. someone even though that i lived in the states for a while or something like that.

then i came here after 6 weeks between talara and iquitos. at iquitos i got to speak a little english because there was a guy from russia, another from canada and another from norway. none of them speak shit of spanish.

so it was good. and after traveling for more than 17 hours i finally arrived to edinburgh. and then i realized that the scotish accent is really hard. so fucking hard that i just couldn't understand so many things and i just kept knocking my head. yes, yes, yes. of course. the taxi driver was telling me stories and shit and i just could understand half of it.

at school i met new guys, and then i realized that i was at the end of the class with my english level. guys from the middle east and africa just speak english way better than me. it just felt bad. i still feel bad whenever i don't understand some stuff.

anyhow, i can handle myself. of course i can communicate myself. but still, sometimes it's really hard to undestand some things. too hard.

and then comes the weather.

scotish weather is terrible. it might be sunny and after 10 minutes a terrible rain just appears. and you can see the sun 5 blocks away from you. tomorrow morning we are having around 0 degrees and yesterday i am pretty sure we hit the mid teens. there is a lot of fog too, and that si too bad, because it makes you miss all the green landscape.

still, edimburgh is beatiful. the castle is amazing. the streets have that great old style. and the night live is not so bad. i like it here.

the thing is... it is just another rainy/windy/cloudy day in scotland. and it is getting worse.

the white stripes - the hardest button to button
i don't regret. do you regret?

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Anónimo dijo...


en solo un messss hablas inglessss


si alguien me dijera ahorita "ándate a egipto por 12 semanas" firmo y empaco a la vez.

y montaría camello y desayunaría te con hachís y kebab mientras leo mi periódico en árabe sin entender nada (siempre he querido no entender los periódicos)

es que me quiero iiiiiiiiiir a algun sitioooooooo

soy papagayo y el invierno polar me mata


Lulú dijo...

pronto empezaras a entender todo lo que hablan, al principio cuesta acostumbrarse, afina el oido,lo que pasa es que en cada pais hablan diferente pues usan sus propios modismos y eso no te lo enseñan en ningun sitio, lo aprendes ahi, mas bien cuidate del clima, es muy diferente al nuestro, alli si se cumplen las estaciones.

Scavenger Bride dijo...

yo tampoco entiendo naranjas cuando me pongo a ver bbc..
pero esa neurosis del clima ya la tienes que haber visto en la selva, no??
claro, sin el frio...

Anónimo dijo...

y de ahi criticabas a los que posteaban en ingles...

kanita dijo...


(lo que quiere dcir que no entendí ni papa)

Faba dijo...

oe weon ! ta bien ah... taque cuando recien comence la secundaria tambien acentaba la cabeza no mas como cojuda, sin entender ni mierda... esta bien oe, tiras ah :D de hecho que cualkier lugar es mejor que un mundo de cuellos rojos...
mucha buena onda pa ti mai fren

Pepefina dijo...

je ne comprends pas! papacetu yu nu habli il inglis pis, pukitu nu más intiendu, mi lu mariu....piru igual ti lu voysh a linkearsh!!!

Anónimo dijo...

como diría Ferrero, traducción!!

Maria Hierba dijo...





kanita dijo...

por cierto mi querido cayito te estás perdiendo el curikitaca...

reds dijo...

whatever the fuckin wheather como dice por ahi otro blog local, alucinante tu experiencia en la tierra de las gaitas, sacale el jugo broder, y las escocesas??? que tal???

Yoko dijo...

Interesante tu vida! y si entendi todo... cuando me escuchan hablar no piensan que he vivido en USA por mucho tiempo... simplemente no piensan jajajaja no mentira! PAZ, exitos!